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Design Xchange office

Xchange office

President's room

In the management room section due to the large openings and lighting. Excellent, we used warm materials to give a special feeling to the space
Also, for the walls, we chose a wallpaper color that complements the wood color to give a neutral aura

Administrative department

In the office section, since the space is large and not partitioned, we partitioned it using glass frames
And we installed a reception desk for coordination between clients and employees

Closet room

We created a dressing room with a massager for management rest, the entrance to the space is only from the director’s room, and because the management space and the dressing room are one part, we have worked with the materials of the space according to the director’s room


The kitchen space is a small space with tall cabinets in a modern style, and the color of the cabinets was chosen to complement the floor. A dining table for 4 people was made


Design year: 2023
Project Loaction: Turkiye Istanbul
Architectural team: Baam studio