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Classic facade

In this facade design, we see a heavy classical facade
Due to the 3 sides of the structure
In the northern part of the terraces of the units, we tried to give a middle front to this part

But only in the northern part of the unfinished terrace in the main facade of the building, i.e. northwest of this structure, there is a terrace that is worked with a curved shape in the lower layer of the terraces, which is stylized. From a heavy view
There is also a long metal and glass flag in the middle.
In the upper details of the building and the upper parts of the entrance area, we tried to instill the spirit and feeling of the classical state into the facade by using masonry.


Design year : 2023

Project loction : Iran/ kerman / sirjan

architectrual team : Ata parhizkar & Hadis abadeh